Lubny is a city in central Ukraine Poltava oblast on the right bank of the river Sula with about 48,000 residents. It is the administrative center of the same name Rajons, they not consulted as county-level city. Its name is derived from the Slavic word Lubno (wooden).
The foundation of the town took place 988 at the direction of the Kiev Grand Prince Volodymyr Swjatoslawytch. Lubny initially remained for a long time merely a fortified village. After the period of Mongol rule, it could develop up to be a city, which led Magdeburg rights to 15- 16 century. And had its own stamp and its own coat of arms. Near the city of the Transfiguration Monastery in Mhar was founded in 1619.
In 1638 the city had 2.646 inhabitants, 40 mill wheels were in operation. From the 18th century on the city lost prestige and importance to the more eastern situated city of Poltava.

On Oct 16th 1941, the former local commander of the armed forces ordered the Jewish population to relocate to a rendezvous. There 1.800 people were taken and murdered by the Sonderkommando 4A Einsatzgruppe C of the Security Police and SD.
Population development
In 1897, the city had 10,097 inhabitants, where Ukrainians (59.18%), Jews (29.72%) and Russians (9.51%) presented the largest ethnic populations.
Luby received a new impulse in 1901 with the connection to the railway network, which arosed as a result numerous industries. This way the city was able to grow strongly despite the Russian Civil War and the Second World War. Until 1989, the population grew to 59.478 inhabitants. During the transition, the city has lost 1989-2003 more than 15% of their population.

Coat of arms
Description: bursting forth in Blue a black clad arm from the left edge shield and a golden floor with ball holding. A three towers silver mural crown on historiated with gold rim plate.

Education, economy, transport

Station of Lubny
At further education colleges Lubny has i.a. a technical center for forestry and accounting, a technical school of the Southern Railway Company and a medical establishment. The industrial focus is on the machine, in this case in particular the manufacture of machine tools, instruments and apparatus. In addition, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry is important. Near the city of oil and gas resources are used and degraded peat. Lubny, located on the road E 40 and at the railway Kyiv-Poltava-Kharkiv.

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