pakruojisPakruojis is a city in Lithuania. It is situated on the Kruoja River, which has a dam above the city. Forty three buildings of the manor, mentioned in 1531 still survive.
Pakruojis has a rare, surviving wooden synagogue.It is the largest and the oldest of the wooden synagogues that survives in Lithuania, but it is in deteriorating condition. On May 3, 2009 the synagogue suffered severe damage in a possible arson fire, the restoration is planned.
In July and August, 1941, German soldiers with the help of local white armbanders massacred a total of 400 Jews from Pakruojis district in the nearby Morkakalnis forest

Facts and details:
Area: 4 km²
Population: 5677
Population density 1419 inhabitants per km²

Source: Wikipedia

Pakruojis District Municipality is one of 60 municipalities in Lithuania. It is an agricultural district, situated in the north of Lithuania and bordering with Latvia. The rivers Kruoja, Mūša and others flow through the district. Forests occupy 16.7% of the territory of the Pakruojis district. It is close to two major cities: Šiauliai is 40 kilometres (25 mi) to the west, and Panevėžys – about 50 kilometres (31 mi) to the southeast.
Pakruojis is known as one of the main centres of traditional Lithuanian brewing, along with Pasvalys and Biržai. The founder of the Lithuanian beer website reports that there are 19 breweries in the Pakruojis distinct. Most bars in town feature local type of beer. The main park in Pakruojis features a collection of local folk-art wood carvings.

Sorce: Wikipedia