With its 14 million inhabitants Chengdu is one of the major cities in western China, which plays an important role in the development program of the Chinese Central Government and Western China.
Chengdu is called the “locomotive” for the development of western China. The industrial base with a focus on modern technologies (amongst information and communication technology, LED technology and agricultural business) is greatly expanded with three new industrial zones. From Chengdu, for example, more than half of all global production of iPads is made.
The municipality Pixian covers an area of 437 km² and has about 510.000 inhabitants. Pixian will host the next “Fortune Global Forum 2013”. One of the first contacts between Pixian and Raunheim business contacts involved a pilot project with Chinese LED lights.

Among others consists an exchange of the following areas of action on the part of the city Pixian under a twinning interest:


  • Company matching and location marketing
  • Mutual presentation of the commercial areas of both cities
  • Development of direct economic relations
  • German experience in elderly care incl. Senior residences
  • Urban Development in conjunction with socio-cultural issues
  • Cooperation in the fields of IT, environmental protection and logistics
  • Dual Training Systems
  • Cultural exchange